Celebrity style customized skincare by Skinsei



A customized skincare line just for you is probably something you’d associate with being super famous, ala Beyoncé or Oprah status, something only being an actual celebrity would get you close enough to experience or having the disposable income of a pro-athlete or a top YouTuber, because that’s probably the only way anyone could afford it.


Until recently that would have been true, ‘affordable’ and ‘custom’ aren’t really two words often found in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence… until Skinsei (pronounced skin-say)

Skinsei is a personalized skincare kit : 

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Instead of picking out different products from various skincare lines, Skinsei offers a free diagnostic, where they consider different lifestyle factors that can affect your skin, like diet, stress, climate, UV exposure, and exercise. After you take the diagnostic, Skinsei recommends a three or five-piece regimen tailored to you and what your skin needs.


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From breakouts to other skin issues like dryness or oiliness, and sometimes, we could be using several great lines of products, but maybe those products are not the best for us, personally or mixed together.

That is why Skinsei is so groundbreaking! All of their products are micro-biome friendly, meaning they don’t upset your skin’s natural biology. Their products are also vegan, paraben-free, pH balanced, as well as powered by prebiotics.



What I like best is that someone else more qualified than me, takes care of all of the guess work for me. They take my answers and form an easy to follow, next level personalized regime just for me – if that ain’t celebrity status I don’t know what is – LOL


Here’s what my diagnosis looked like:



My Results:  


– I have super dry skin (probs due to the weather and the fact that I never drink enough water)

– I also suffer from poor sleep (I’m working on this one, blue tech light insomnia is real folks)

– I have good nutrition but still low hydration… H2O and I are frenemies.


After I filled out my diagnostic a cute little packaged arrived at my door just under a week. Here’s a break down of what the experts at Skinsei felt my skin needed most and the order in which I use them:



The Complete Kit ( retail $69/ mo )



Under the Milky Way No.235 – Cleansing Milk


Thirsty face no.615 – Essence


Dew your thing No.838 – Serum


Throwing shade No.360 – Moisturizer 


Mad deep No.413 – Face Mask



Overall I’m feeling really good about this regimen and excited to see the results. This Complete Kit reatails for around $69 a month or a smaller cheaper version called the Core Kit for $45 with just three of the above items. The cleansing milk, the serum and moisturizer, which are still an amazing bargain for skincare selected just for you.

If you want to give Skinsei a try you can use code KIMBERLY20 for 20% off your kit


Bisou Xx



* This post is part of a Skinsei partnership.